Jeff from TX Wine Lover

1) What inspired you to start your own blog?

My girlfriend and I started drinking more wine and visiting Texas wineries starting in January 2010. We still are developing the ability to describe the aromas and tastes of wine, but since we have visited over 100 Texas wineries, we thought we could at least tell of our experiences at the wineries. We thought this could help other people trying to decide on which wineries to visit and also help the wineries with some free promotion.

2) Do you have a favorite post on your blog?

The most fun we had was creating our very first TX Wine Lover Awards giving “awards” in different categories to the Texas wineries we had visited, like Best Tasting Room, Most Unique Wine, Best Tour, etc. It received a lot of positive comments from readers and the wineries themselves.

3) What is your favorite hobby besides blogging? Why?

Hmm, drinking wine? It obviously goes well with talking about Texas wine and wineries.

4) If you could narrow it down to one answer, what do you love the most about Houston? Why?

Since Houston is so large, the ability to be able to do and find things in your own area of Houston without having to travel to other parts of the city.

5) What does “being local,” mean to you?

Being local to us means supporting local businesses instead of chains and especially if those business are using local products such as food and beverages.

6) What are some of your favorite local independent establishments?

Los Cucos Mexican Café - which has now expanded into other parts of Texas. Their happy hour prices can’t be beat

Raoul’s Italian Grill – great Italian food

d’Vine Wine Bar – nice wine bar with good food.

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